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Issue 2,  Volume 63, 2013 (Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal)

289-305 Normal cryptogroups with an associate subgroup.  Petrich, Mario
307-355 Indecomposable (1,3)-groups and a matrix problem.  Arnold, David M.; Mader, Adolf; Mutzbauer, Otto; Solak, Ebru
357-367 On the mean value of Dedekind sum weighted by the quadratic Gauss sum.  Wang, Tingting; Zhang, Wenpeng
369-374 The method of infinite ascent applied on $A^4 \pm n B^3 = C^2$.  Jena, Susil Kumar
375-383 The integral points on elliptic curves $y^2=x^3+(36n^2 -9)x-2(36n^2-5)$.  Yang, Hai; Fu, Ruiqin
385-402 Totally reflexive modules with respect to a semidualizing bimodule.  Zhang, Zhen; Zhu, Xiaosheng; Yan, Xiaoguang
403-420 Distributional versions of Littlewood's Tauberian theorem.  Estrada, Ricardo; Vindas, Jasson
421-434 On the reflexivity of subspaces of Toeplitz operators on the Hardy space on the upper half-plane.  Młocek, Wojciech; Ptak, Marek
435-440 Linear operators that preserve Boolean rank of Boolean matrices.  Beasley, LeRoy B.; Song, Seok-Zun
441-449 Strongly $\mathcal {W}$-Gorenstein modules.  Qiao, Husheng; Xie, Zongyang
451-460 Remarks on star countable discrete closed spaces.  Song, Yan-Kui
461-473 On the mean value of the mixed exponential sums with Dirichlet characters and general Gauss sum.  Du, Yongguang; Liu, Huaning
475-480 Distributional chaos for flows.  Zhou, Yunhua
481-495 Estimates in the Hardy-Sobolev space of the annulus and stability result.  Feki, Imed
497-513 The efficiency of approximating real numbers by Lüroth expansion.  Cao, Chunyun; Wu, Jun; Zhang, Zhenliang
515-528 Close cohomologous Morse forms with compact leaves.  Gelbukh, Irina
529-538 Rings of constants of generic 4D Lotka-Volterra systems.  Zieliński, Janusz; Ossowski, Piotr
539-545 Minimum degree, leaf number and traceability.  Mukwembi, Simon
547-564 Estimates for $k$-Hessian operator and some applications.  Wan, Dongrui
565-572 Uppers to zero in $R[x]$ and almost principal ideals.  Borna, Keivan; Mohajer-Naser, Abolfazl
573-575 Corrigendum to “Congruences for certain binomial sums”.  Lee, Jung-Jo
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