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Issue 1,  Volume 138, 2013 (Mathematica Bohemica)

1-13 $m^*$-fuzzy basically disconnected spaces in smooth fuzzy topological spaces.  Amudhambigai, B.; Uma, M. K.; Roja, E.
15-23 Groupoids assigned to relational systems.  Chajda, Ivan; Länger, Helmut
25-36 From infinitesimal harmonic transformations to Ricci solitons.  Stepanov, Sergey E.; Tsyganok, Irina I.; Mikeš, Josef
37-42 On strongly preirresolute topological vector spaces.  Rajesh, N.; Vijayabharathi, V.
43-59 Cores and shells of graphs.  Bickle, Allan
61-74 On non-periodic groups whose finitely generated subgroups are either permutable or pronormal.  Kurdachenko, L. A.; Subbotin, I. Ya.; Ermolkevich, T. I.
75-85 Domination with respect to nondegenerate properties: vertex and edge removal.  Samodivkin, Vladimir
87-104 Oscillation of third-order half-linear neutral difference equations.  Thandapani, E.; Selvarangam, S.
105-112 On a variational approach to truncated problems of moments.  Ambrozie, C.-G.
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