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general connection; linear connection; classical linear connection; vertical parallelism; natural operators
Let $Y\rightarrow M$ be a fibred manifold with $m$-dimensional base and $n$-dimensional fibres and $E\rightarrow M$ be a vector bundle with the same base $M$ and with $n$-dimensional fibres (the same $n$). If $m\ge 2$ and $n\ge 3$, we classify all canonical constructions of a classical linear connection $A(\Gamma ,\Lambda ,\Phi ,\Delta )$ on $Y$ from a system $(\Gamma ,\Lambda ,\Phi ,\Delta )$ consisting of a general connection $\Gamma $ on $Y\rightarrow M$, a torsion free classical linear connection $\Lambda $ on $M$, a vertical parallelism $\Phi \colon Y\times _ME\rightarrow VY$ on $Y$ and a linear connection $\Delta $ on $E\rightarrow M$. An example of such $A(\Gamma ,\Lambda ,\Phi ,\Delta )$ is the connection $(\Gamma ,\Lambda ,\Phi ,\Delta )$ by I. Kolář.
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