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Issue 1,  Volume 55, 2014 (Commentationes Mathematicae Universitatis Carolinae)

1-7 When every flat ideal is projective.  Cheniour, Fatima; Mahdou, Najib
9-16 Products of small modules.  Kálnai, Peter; Žemlička, Jan
17-27 On generalized $f$-harmonic morphisms.  Cherif, A. Mohammed; Mustapha, Djaa
29-40 A note on almost sure convergence and convergence in measure.  Kříž, P.; Štěpán, J.
41-52 Some evolution equations under the List's flow and their applications.  Ma, Bingqing
53-72 Noncommutative Valdivia compacta.  Cúth, Marek
73-99 On characterized subgroups of Abelian topological groups $X$ and the group of all $X$-valued null sequences.  Gabriyelyan, S. S.
101-109 Strong pseudocompact properties.  García-Ferreira, S.; Ortiz-Castillo, Y. F.
111-119 Paratopological (topological) groups with certain networks.  Liu, Chuan
121-130 Intersections of essential minimal prime ideals.  Taherifar, A.
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