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Issue 2,  Volume 55, 2014 (Commentationes Mathematicae Universitatis Carolinae)

131-139 Jordan ideals and derivations in prime near-rings.  Boua, Abdelkarim; Oukhtite, Lahcen; Raji, Abderrahmane
141-158 Boolean differential operators.  Catumba, Jorge; Díaz, Rafael
159-173 A dyadic view of rational convex sets.  Czédli, Gábor; Maróti, Miklós; Romanowska, A. B.
175-188 On extensions of bounded subgroups in Abelian groups.  Gabriyelyan, S. S.
189-193 Semicontinuous integrands as jointly measurable maps.  Carbonell-Nicolau, Oriol
195-202 The fixed point property in a Banach space isomorphic to $c_0$.  Poulios, Costas
203-213 Remarks on Fréchet differentiability of pointwise Lipschitz, cone-monotone and quasiconvex functions.  Zajíček, Luděk
215-225 Existence of periodic solutions for first-order totally nonlinear neutral differential equations with variable delay.  Ardjouni, Abdelouaheb; Djoudi, Ahcène
227-246 One-dimensional model describing the non-linear viscoelastic response of materials.  Bárta, Tomáš
247-256 On some classes of spaces with the $D$-property.  Martínez, Juan Carlos
257-265 Ultracompanions of subsets of a group.  Protasov, I.; Slobodianiuk, S.
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