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Issue 4,  Volume 50, 2014 (Kybernetika)

473-490 State elimination for nonlinear neutral state-space systems.  Halás, Miroslav; Bisták, Pavol
491-511 Exponential $H_{\infty }$ filter design for stochastic Markovian jump systems with both discrete and distributed time-varying delays.  Ma, Li; Xu, Meimei; Jia, Ruting; Ye, Hui
512-529 Realizability of precompensators in linear multivariable systems: A structural approach.  Ruiz-León, Javier; Castañeda, Eduardo
530-543 Optimal control solution for Pennes' equation using strongly continuous semigroup.  Malek, Alaeddin; Abbasi, Ghasem
544-562 An algorithm based on rolling to generate smooth interpolating curves on ellipsoids.  Krakowski, Krzysztof; Silva Leite, Fátima
563-579 On the global dynamics of the cancer AIDS-related mathematical model.  Starkov, Konstantin E.; Plata-Ante, Corina
580-595 Non-fragile sampled data $H_\infty $ filtering of general continuous Markov jump linear systems.  Shen, Mouquan; Zhang, Guangming; Yuan, Yuhao; Mei, Lei
596-615 Optimal, adaptive and single state feedback control for a 3D chaotic system with golden proportion equilibria.  Saberi Nik, Hassan; He, Ping; Talebian, Sayyed Taha
616-631 Dynamics analysis and robust modified function projective synchronization of Sprott E system with quadratic perturbation.  Wang, Zhen; Sun, Wei; Wei, Zhouchao; Xi, Xiaojian
632-642 Switched modified function projective synchronization between two complex nonlinear hyperchaotic systems based on adaptive control and parameter identification.  Zhou, Xiaobing; Jiang, Murong; Huang, Yaqun
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