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Issue 5,  Volume 50, 2014 (Kybernetika)

645-646 Guest Editorial: Selected Papers from the 14th International Student Conference on Applied Mathematics and Informatics.  Štěpnička, Martin
647-660 Relative cost curves: An alternative to AUC and an extension to 3-class problems.  Montvida, Olga; Klawonn, Frank
661-678 Consensus clustering with differential evolution.  Sabo, Miroslav
679-695 On a functional equation connected to the distributivity of fuzzy implications over triangular norms and conorms.  Baczyński, Michał; Szostok, Tomasz; Niemyska, Wanda
696-705 On hierarchy of the positioned eco-grammar systems.  Langer, Miroslav
706-724 Risk aversion, prudence and mixed optimal saving models.  Georgescu, Irina
725-743 Multivariate copulas: Transformations, symmetry, order and measures of concordance.  Fuchs, Sebastian
744-757 Hypotheses testing with the two-parameter Pareto distribution on the basis of records in fuzzy environment.  Saeidi, Ali Reza; Akbari, Mohammad Ghasem; Doostparast, Mahdi
758-773 On the hyperspace of bounded closed sets under a generalized Hausdorff stationary fuzzy metric.  Qiu, Dong; Lu, Chongxia; Deng, Shuai; Wang, Liang
774-785 Improved interval DEA models with common weight.  Sun, Jiasen; Miao, Yajun; Wu, Jie; Cui, Lianbiao; Zhong, Runyang
786-803 Dynamic approach to optimum synthesis of a four-bar mechanism using a swarm intelligence algorithm.  Portilla-Flores, Edgar A.; Calva-Yáñez, Maria B.; Villarreal-Cervantes, Miguel G.; Niño Suárez, Paola A.; Sepúlveda-Cervantes, Gabriel
804-813 On an exponential inequality and a strong law of large numbers for monotone measures.  Agahi, Hamzeh; Mesiar, Radko
814-837 Cycle-free cuts of mutual rank probability relations.  De Loof, Karel; De Baets, Bernard; De Meyer, Hans
838-847 A modified version of explicit Runge-Kutta methods for energy-preserving.  Hu, Guang-Da
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