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$abc$-problem; Weyl-Heisenberg frame; Zak transform
Let $a,b,c>0$. We investigate the characterization problem which asks for a classification of all the triples $(a,b,c)$ such that the Weyl-Heisenberg system $\{{\rm e}^{2\pi {\rm i}mbx} \* \chi _{[na,na+c)}\colon m,n\in {\mathbb Z}\}$ is a frame for $L^2({\mathbb R})$. It turns out that the answer to the problem is quite complicated, see Gu and Han (2008) and Janssen (2003). Using a dilation technique, one can reduce the problem to the case where $b=1$ and only let $a$ and $c$ vary. In this paper, we extend the Zak transform technique and use the Fourier analysis technique to study the problem for the case of $a$ being a rational number. We prove some special cases of values for $c$ and $a$ that do not produce a frame, which expands earlier works.
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