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Title: Dynamic approach to optimum synthesis of a four-bar mechanism using a swarm intelligence algorithm (English)
Author: Portilla-Flores, Edgar A.
Author: Calva-Yáñez, Maria B.
Author: Villarreal-Cervantes, Miguel G.
Author: Niño Suárez, Paola A.
Author: Sepúlveda-Cervantes, Gabriel
Language: English
Journal: Kybernetika
ISSN: 0023-5954 (print)
ISSN: 1805-949X (online)
Volume: 50
Issue: 5
Year: 2014
Pages: 786-803
Summary lang: English
Category: math
Summary: This paper presents a dynamic approach to the synthesis of a crank-rocker four-bar mechanism, that is obtained by an optimization problem and its solution using the swarm intelligence algorithm called Modified-Artificial Bee Colony (M-ABC). The proposed dynamic approach states a mono-objective dynamic optimization problem (MODOP), in order to obtain a set of optimal parameters of the system. In this MODOP, the kinematic and dynamic models of the whole system are consider as well as a set of constraints including a dynamic constraint. The M-ABC algorithm is adapted to solve the optimization problem by adding a suitable constraint-handling mechanism that is able to incorporate the kinematic and dynamic constraints of the system. A set of independent computational runs were carried out in order to validate the dynamic approach. An analysis from the mechanical and computational point of view is presented, based on the obtained results. From the analysis of the simulation and its results, it is shown that the solutions for the proposed algorithm lead to a more suitable design based on the dynamic approach. (English)
Keyword: synthesis
Keyword: four-bar mechanism
Keyword: M-ABC algorithm
MSC: 62A10
MSC: 90C15
MSC: 93B50
MSC: 93E12
idZBL: Zbl 1305.93197
DOI: 10.14736/kyb-2014-5-0786
Date available: 2015-01-13T09:38:06Z
Last updated: 2016-01-03
Stable URL:
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