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topology optimization; unilateral problem; level set approach; phase field method
The paper deals with the analysis and the numerical solution of the topology optimization of system governed by variational inequalities using the combined level set and phase field rather than the standard level set approach. The standard level set method allows to evolve a given sharp interface but is not able to generate holes unless the topological derivative is used. The phase field method indicates the position of the interface in a blurry way but is flexible in the holes generation. In the paper a two-phase topology optimization problem is formulated in terms of the modified level set function and regularized using the Cahn-Hilliard based interfacial energy term rather than the standard perimeter term. The derivative formulae of the cost functional with respect to the level set function is calculated. Modified reaction-diffusion equation updating the level set function is derived. The necessary optimality condition for this optimization problem is formulated. The finite element and finite difference methods are used to discretize the state and adjoint systems. Numerical examples are provided and discussed.
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