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MSC: 46A45, 46B20
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packing constant; Cesàro sequence space; Cesàro-Orlicz sequence space
The packing constant is an important and interesting geometric parameter of Banach spaces. Inspired by the packing constant for Orlicz sequence spaces, the main purpose of this paper is calculating the Kottman constant and the packing constant of the Cesàro-Orlicz sequence spaces (${\rm ces}_{\phi }$) defined by an Orlicz function $\phi $ equipped with the Luxemburg norm. In order to compute the constants, the paper gives two formulas. On the base of these formulas one can easily obtain the packing constant for the Cesàro sequence space ${\rm ces}_{p}$ and some other sequence spaces. Finally, a new constant $\widetilde {D}(X)$, which seems to be relevant to the packing constant, is given.
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