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Issue 3,  Volume 57, 2016 (Commentationes Mathematicae Universitatis Carolinae)

271-278 On skew derivations as homomorphisms or anti-homomorphisms.  Raza, Mohd Arif; Rehman, Nadeem ur; Huang, Shuliang
279-288 On $\tau$-extending modules.  Talebi, Y.; Mohammadi, R.
289-300 Local convergence of a one parameter fourth-order Jarratt-type method in Banach spaces.  Argyros, I. K.; González, D.; Khattri, S. K.
301-315 Some remarks on the interpolation spaces $A^\theta, A_\theta$.  Daher, Mohammad
317-326 A weighted inequality for the Hardy operator involving suprema.  Hofmanová, Pavla
327-332 The regularity of the positive part of functions in $L^2(I; H^1(\Omega)) \cap H^1(I; H^1(\Omega)^*)$ with applications to parabolic equations.  Wachsmuth, Daniel
333-343 On the joint entropy of $d$-wise-independent variables.  Gavinsky, Dmitry; Pudlák, Pavel
345-352 Nonnormality of remainders of some topological groups.  Arhangel'skii, A. V.; Mill, J. van
353-364 Comaximal graph of $C(X)$.  Badie, Mehdi
365-379 Functionally countable subalgebras and some properties of the Banaschewski compactification.  Olfati, A. R.
381-395 Spaces with star countable extent.  Rojas-Sánchez, A. D.; Tamariz-Mascarúa, Á.
397-410 Interaction between cellularity of Alexandroff spaces and entropy of generalized shift maps.  Shirazi, Fatemah Ayatollah Zadeh; Dolatabad, Sahar Karimzadeh; Shamloo, Sara
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