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Issue 4,  Volume 57, 2016 (Commentationes Mathematicae Universitatis Carolinae)

411-412 Introduction.  
413-452 Structure theory for the group algebra of the symmetric group, with applications to polynomial identities for the octonions.  Bremner, Murray R.; Madariaga, Sara; Peresi, Luiz A.
453-500 Moufang loops of order coprime to three that cyclically extend groups of dihedral type.  Drápal, Aleš
501-514 Construction of Mendelsohn designs by using quasigroups of $(2,q)$-varieties.  Goračinova-Ilieva, Lidija; Markovski, Smile
515-526 An introduction to loopoids.  Grabowski, Janusz
527-536 Steiner forms.  Hora, Jan
537-547 Isotopy invariant quasigroup identities.  Krapež, Aleksandar; Marinković, Bojan
549-553 On dicyclic groups as inner mapping groups of finite loops.  Leppälä, Emma; Niemenmaa, Markku
555-565 The commingling of commutativity and associativity in Bol loops.  Phillips, J. D.
567-583 Quantum idempotence, distributivity, and the Yang-Baxter equation.  Smith, J. D. H.
585-590 Medial quasigroups of prime square order.  Stanovský, David
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