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Issue 4,  Volume 66, 2016 (Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal)

1049-1058 A new family of spectrally arbitrary ray patterns.  Mei, Yinzhen; Gao, Yubin; Shao, Yanling; Wang, Peng
1059-1078 Vector invariant ideals of abelian group algebras under the actions of the unitary groups and orthogonal groups.  Zeng, Lingli; Nan, Jizhu
1079-1101 Weak- and strong-type inequality for the cone-like maximal operator in variable Lebesgue spaces.  Szarvas, Kristóf; Weisz, Ferenc
1103-1117 The classification of finite groups by using iteration digraphs.  Ahmad, Uzma; Moeen, Muqadas
1119-1128 On improper interval edge colourings.  Hudák, Peter; Kardoš, František; Madaras, Tomáš; Vrbjarová, Michaela
1129-1141 The groups of automorphisms of the Witt $W_n$ and Virasoro Lie algebras.  Bavula, Vladimir V.
1143-1163 $1$-cocycles on the group of contactomorphisms on the supercircle $S^{1|3}$ generalizing the Schwarzian derivative.  Agrebaoui, Boujemaa; Hattab, Raja
1165-1175 Augmentation quotients for Burnside rings of generalized dihedral groups.  Chang, Shan
1177-1184 SCAP-subalgebras of Lie algebras.  Chehrazi, Sara; Salemkar, Ali Reza
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