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Issue 3,  Volume 66, 2016 (Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal)

583-583 Preface.  Engliš, Miroslav
585-590 Miroslav Fiedler (7. 4. 1926 – 20. 11. 2015).  Hall, Frank J.; Markham, Thomas L.; Rozložník, Miroslav; Stuart, Jeffrey
591-591 Reminiscences on Miroslav Fiedler.  Johnson, Charles R.
593-596 “Try to be really good in two fields” (Miroslav Fiedler interviewed by Jeff Stuart).  Stuart, Jeffrey
597-602 A new look at totally positive matrices.  Fiedler, Miroslav
603-620 On some properties of the Laplacian matrix revealed by the RCM algorithm.  Pedroche, Francisco; Rebollo, Miguel; Carrascosa, Carlos; Palomares, Alberto
621-632 New results about semi-positive matrices.  Dorsey, Jonathan; Gannon, Tom; Johnson, Charles R.; Turnansky, Morrison
633-651 Computing the determinantal representations of hyperbolic forms.  Chien, Mao-Ting; Nakazato, Hiroshi
653-670 G-matrices, $J$-orthogonal matrices, and their sign patterns.  Hall, Frank J.; Rozložník, Miroslav
671-679 $\mathcal {D}_{n,r}$ is not potentially nilpotent for $n \geq 4r-2$.  Shao, Yanling; Gao, Yubin; Gao, Wei
681-700 Doubly stochastic matrices and the Bruhat order.  Brualdi, Richard A.; Dahl, Geir; Fritscher, Eliseu
701-715 A sharp upper bound for the spectral radius of a nonnegative matrix and applications.  You, Lihua; Shu, Yujie; Zhang, Xiao-Dong
717-735 A Fiedler-like theory for the perturbed Laplacian.  Rocha, Israel; Trevisan, Vilmar
737-742 A treatment of a determinant inequality of Fiedler and Markham.  Lin, Minghua
743-755 Line graphs: their maximum nullities and zero forcing numbers.  Fallat, Shaun; Soltani, Abolghasem
757-775 Random walk centrality and a partition of Kemeny's constant.  Kirkland, Steve
777-792 Geometry and inequalities of geometric mean.  Dinh, Trung Hoa; Ahsani, Sima; Tam, Tin-Yau
793-819 Exponential polynomial inequalities and monomial sum inequalities in $\rm p$-Newton sequences.  Johnson, Charles R.; Marijuán, Carlos; Pisonero, Miriam; Yeh, Michael
821-828 Nice connecting paths in connected components of sets of algebraic elements in a Banach algebra.  Makai, Endre Jr.; Zemánek, Jaroslav
829-845 Improved convergence bounds for smoothed aggregation method: linear dependence of the convergence rate on the number of levels.  Brousek, Jan; Fraňková, Pavla; Vaněk, Petr
847-858 Linear preservers of row-dense matrices.  Motlaghian, Sara M.; Armandnejad, Ali; Hall, Frank J.
859-879 Convergence of Rump's method for computing the Moore-Penrose inverse.  Chen, Yunkun; Shi, Xinghua; Wei, Yimin
881-893 Localization of dominant eigenpairs and planted communities by means of Frobenius inner products.  Fasino, Dario; Tudisco, Francesco
895-911 Rational realization of the minimum ranks of nonnegative sign pattern matrices.  Fang, Wei; Gao, Wei; Gao, Yubin; Gong, Fei; Jing, Guangming; Li, Zhongshan; Shao, Yanling; Zhang, Lihua
913-924 Connectivity, toughness, spanning trees of bounded degree, and the spectrum of regular graphs.  Cioabă, Sebastian M.; Gu, Xiaofeng
925-940 Spectral radius and Hamiltonicity of graphs with large minimum degree.  Nikiforov, Vladimir
941-954 Discrepancy and eigenvalues of Cayley graphs.  Kohayakawa, Yoshiharu; Rödl, Vojtěch; Schacht, Mathias
955-970 Factorization of CP-rank-$3$ completely positive matrices.  Brandts, Jan; Křížek, Michal
971-985 Coalescing Fiedler and core vertices.  Ali, Didar A.; Gauci, John Baptist; Sciriha, Irene; Sharaf, Khidir R.
987-1005 Rank decomposition in zero pattern matrix algebras.  Bart, Harm; Ehrhardt, Torsten; Silbermann, Bernd
1007-1026 The real symmetric matrices of odd order with a P-set of maximum size.  Du, Zhibin; da Fonseca, Carlos M.
1027-1038 Lower bounds for the largest eigenvalue of the gcd matrix on $\{1,2,\dots ,n\}$.  Merikoski, Jorma K.
1039-1048 Quotient of spectral radius, (signless) Laplacian spectral radius and clique number of graphs.  Das, Kinkar Ch.; Liu, Muhuo
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