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fixed point; logarithmic convex structure; convex metric space
In this paper, we introduce the concept of a logarithmic convex structure. Let $X$ be a set and $D\colon X\times X\rightarrow [1,\infty )$ a function satisfying the following conditions: \item {(i)} For all $x,y\in X$, $ D(x,y)\geq 1$ and $D(x,y)=1$ if and only if $x=y$. \item {(ii)} For all $x,y\in X$, $D(x,y)=D(y,x)$. \item {(iii)} For all $ x,y,z\in X$, $D(x,y)\leq D(x,z)D(z,y)$. \item {(iv)} For all $x,y,z\in X$, $z\neq x,y$ and $\lambda \in (0,1)$, \begin {gather} D(z,W(x,y,\lambda ))\leq D^\lambda (x,z)D^{1-\lambda }(y,z),\nonumber \\ D(x,y)= D(x,W(x,y,\lambda ))D(y,W(x,y,\lambda )),\nonumber \end {gather} where $W\colon X\times X\times [0,1]\rightarrow X$ is a continuous mapping. We name this the logarithmic convex structure. In this work we prove some fixed point theorems in the logarithmic convex structure.
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