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Issue 1,  Volume 142, 2017 (Mathematica Bohemica)

1-7 Some fixed point theorems in logarithmic convex structures.  Moazzen, Alireza; Cho, Yoel-Je; Park, Choonkil; Eshaghi Gordji, Madjid
9-20 Changing of the domination number of a graph: edge multisubdivision and edge removal.  Samodivkin, Vladimir
21-25 On a certain class of arithmetic functions.  Oller-Marcén, Antonio M.
27-46 Antiassociative groupoids.  Braitt, Milton; Hobby, David; Silberger, Donald
47-56 Practical Ulam-Hyers-Rassias stability for nonlinear equations.  Wang, Jin Rong; Fečkan, Michal
57-73 On graceful colorings of trees.  English, Sean; Zhang, Ping
75-84 An application of the generalized Bessel function.  Darwish, Hanan; Lashin, Abdel Moneim; Hassan, Bashar
85-111 On subgraphs without large components.  Chappell, Glenn G.; Gimbel, John
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