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Issue 1,  Volume 67, 2017 (Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal)

1-9 On invariant subspaces for polynomially bounded operators.  Liu, Junfeng
11-28 On solutions set of a multivalued stochastic differential equation.  Malinowski, Marek T.; Agarwal, Ravi P.
29-36 4-cycle properties for characterizing rectagraphs and hypercubes.  Bouanane, Khadra; Berrachedi, Abdelhafid
37-55 The Cauchy problem for the liquid crystals system in the critical Besov space with negative index.  Ming, Sen; Yang, Han; Chen, Zili; Yong, Ls
57-71 Deformed Heisenberg algebra with reflection and $d$-orthogonal polynomials.  Bouzeffour, Fethi; Ben Mansour, Hanen; Zaghouani, Ali
73-86 Minimal Reeb vector fields on almost Kenmotsu manifolds.  Wang, Yaning
87-95 Relative Gorenstein injective covers with respect to a semidualizing module.  Tavasoli, Elham; Salimi, Maryam
97-121 On the quantum groups and semigroups of maps between noncommutative spaces.  Sadr, Maysam Maysami
123-141 Pseudo almost periodicity of fractional integro-differential equations with impulsive effects in Banach spaces.  Xia, Zhinan
143-150 Generalized Lebesgue points for Sobolev functions.  Karak, Nijjwal
151-169 Some results on the annihilator graph of a commutative ring.  Afkhami, Mojgan; Khashyarmanesh, Kazem; Rajabi, Zohreh
171-195 Functions of finite fractional variation and their applications to fractional impulsive equations.  Idczak, Dariusz
197-206 A characterization of the Riemann extension in terms of harmonicity.  Bejan, Cornelia-Livia; Eken, Şemsi
207-217 Hilbert-Schmidt Hankel operators with anti-holomorphic symbols on complete pseudoconvex Reinhardt domains.  Çelik, Mehmet; Zeytuncu, Yunus E.
219-234 On the regularity of the one-sided Hardy-Littlewood maximal functions.  Liu, Feng; Mao, Suzhen
235-252 Boundedness of para-product operators on spaces of homogeneous type.  Xiao, Yayuan
253-270 A curvature identity on a 6-dimensional Riemannian manifold and its applications.  Euh, Yunhee; Park, Jeong Hyeong; Sekigawa, Kouei
271-278 A characterization of a certain real hypersurface of type $({\rm A}_2)$ in a complex projective space.  Kim, Byung Hak; Kim, In-Bae; Maeda, Sadahiro
279-288 On the $q$-Pell sequences and sums of tails.  Patkowski, Alexander E.
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