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Issue 2,  Volume 67, 2017 (Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal)

289-296 On Dyakonov type theorems for harmonic quasiregular mappings.  Arsenović, Miloš; Pavlović, Miroslav
297-316 The general rigidity result for bundles of $A$-covelocities and $A$-jets.  Tomáš, Jiří
317-328 Extensions of hom-Lie algebras in terms of cohomology.  Armakan, Abdoreza R.; Farhangdoost, Mohammed Reza
329-337 A note on model structures on arbitrary Frobenius categories.  Li, Zhi-wei
339-365 Existence theorems for nonlinear differential equations having trichotomy in Banach spaces.  Gomaa, Adel Mahmoud
367-377 Regularly weakly based modules over right perfect rings and Dedekind domains.  Hrbek, Michal; Růžička, Pavel
379-387 Yetter-Drinfeld-Long bimodules are modules.  Lu, Daowei; Wang, Shuanhong
389-395 Skew inverse power series rings over a ring with projective socle.  Paykan, Kamal
397-415 Polytopes, quasi-minuscule representations and rational surfaces.  Lee, Jae-Hyouk; Xu, Mang; Zhang, Jiajin
417-425 Certain decompositions of matrices over Abelian rings.  Ashrafi, Nahid; Sheibani, Marjan; Chen, Huanyin
427-437 A new characterization of symmetric group by NSE.  Babai, Azam; Akhlaghi, Zeinab
439-455 Density of solutions to quadratic congruences.  Prabhu, Neha
457-467 Copies of $l_{p}^{n}$'s uniformly in the spaces $\Pi _{2}( C[ 0,1] ,X) $ and $\Pi _{1}(C[ 0,1],X) $.  Popa, Dumitru
469-495 On the projective Finsler metrizability and the integrability of Rapcsák equation.  Milkovszki, Tamás; Muzsnay, Zoltán
497-513 Equivalent quasi-norms and atomic decomposition of weak Triebel-Lizorkin spaces.  Li, Wenchang; Xu, Jingshi
515-523 $\mathcal C^k$-regularity for the $\bar \partial $-equation with a support condition.  Khidr, Shaban; Abdelkader, Osama
525-531 Some finite generalizations of Euler's pentagonal number theorem.  Liu, Ji-Cai
533-536 A note on the independent domination number versus the domination number in bipartite graphs.  Wang, Shaohui; Wei, Bing
537-549 The Bergman kernel: Explicit formulas, deflation, Lu Qi-Keng problem and Jacobi polynomials.  Beberok, Tomasz
551-555 On critical values of twisted Artin $L$-functions.  Wong, Peng-Jie
557-578 H-anti-invariant submersions from almost quaternionic Hermitian manifolds.  Park, Kwang-Soon
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