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Issue 3,  Volume 67, 2017 (Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal)

579-608 On boundary value problems for systems of nonlinear generalized ordinary differential equations.  Ashordia, Malkhaz
609-628 Relationships between generalized Wiener integrals and conditional analytic Feynman integrals over continuous paths.  Kim, Byoung Soo; Cho, Dong Hyun
629-643 Essential norm and a new characterization of weighted composition operators from weighted Bergman spaces and Hardy spaces into the Bloch space.  Li, Songxiao; Qian, Ruishen; Zhou, Jizhen
645-653 On the exponential diophantine equation $x^y+y^x=z^z$.  Du, Xiaoying
655-698 Invariants of finite groups generated by generalized transvections in the modular case.  Han, Xiang; Nan, Jizhu; Gupta, Chander K.
699-713 Some properties of generalized reduced Verma modules over $\mathbb {Z}$-graded modular Lie superalgebras.  Zheng, Keli; Zhang, Yongzheng
715-732 Interpolation and duality of generalized grand Morrey spaces on quasi-metric measure spaces.  Liu, Yi; Yuan, Wen
733-740 Cofiniteness and finiteness of local cohomology modules over regular local rings.  A'zami, Jafar; Pourreza, Naser
741-752 Bounds for the number of meeting edges in graph partitioning.  Zeng, Qinghou; Hou, Jianfeng
753-766 Depth and Stanley depth of the facet ideals of some classes of simplicial complexes.  Wei, Xiaoqi; Gu, Yan
767-778 The cleanness of (symbolic) powers of Stanley-Reisner ideals.  Bandari, Somayeh; Jahan, Ali Soleyman
779-793 Some inequalities for radial Blaschke-Minkowski homomorphisms.  Ji, Lewen; Zeng, Zhenbing
795-808 A Cauchy-Pompeiu formula in super Dunkl-Clifford analysis.  Yuan, Hongfen
809-818 On soluble groups of module automorphisms of finite rank.  Wehrfritz, Bertram A. F.
819-826 Characterizing projective general unitary groups ${\rm PGU}_3(q^2)$ by their complex group algebras.  Shirjian, Farrokh; Iranmanesh, Ali
827-837 On decomposability of finite groups.  Chen, Ruifang; Zhao, Xianhe
839-853 Disjoint hypercyclic powers of weighted translations on groups.  Zhang, Liang; Lu, Hui-Qiang; Fu, Xiao-Mei; Zhou, Ze-Hua
855-865 On the derived length of units in group algebra.  Chaudhuri, Dishari; Saikia, Anupam
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