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Issue 4,  Volume 67, 2017 (Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal)

867-890 Population dynamical behavior of a single-species nonlinear diffusion system with random perturbation.  Zu, Li; Jiang, Daqing; O'Regan, Donal
891-918 Geometric and combinatorial structure of a class of spherical folding tessellations – I.  Avelino, Catarina P.; Santos, Altino F.
919-936 $(m,r)$-central Riordan arrays and their applications.  Yang, Sheng-Liang; Xu, Yan-Xue; He, Tian-Xiao
937-951 C*-algebras have a quantitative version of Pełczyński's property (V).  Krulišová, Hana
953-965 Classification of 2-step nilpotent Lie algebras of dimension 9 with 2-dimensional center.  Ren, Bin; Zhu, Lin Sheng
967-979 On the proof of Erdős' inequality.  Zhu, Lai-Yi; Zhou, Da-Peng
981-987 Further determinant identities related to classical root systems.  Chu, Wenchang
989-1004 Real hypersurfaces in complex hyperbolic two-plane Grassmannians with commuting restricted normal Jacobi operators.  Hwang, Doo Hyun; Pak, Eunmi; Woo, Changhwa
1005-1020 Separately radial and radial Toeplitz operators on the projective space and representation theory.  Quiroga-Barranco, Raul; Sanchez-Nungaray, Armando
1021-1029 On Buchsbaum type modules and the annihilator of certain local cohomology modules.  Khojali, Ahmad
1031-1048 (Strongly) Gorenstein injective modules over upper triangular matrix Artin algebras.  Wang, Chao; Yang, Xiaoyan
1049-1058 Thompson's conjecture for the alternating group of degree $2p$ and $2p+1$.  Babai, Azam; Mahmoudifar, Ali
1059-1070 Pointwise Fourier inversion of distributions on spheres.  González Vieli, Francisco Javier
1071-1093 A new algorithm for approximating the least concave majorant.  Franců, Martin; Kerman, Ron; Sinnamon, Gord
1095-1103 Maps on upper triangular matrices preserving zero products.  Słowik, Roksana
1105-1132 Embeddings between weighted Copson and Cesàro function spaces.  Gogatishvili, Amiran; Mustafayev, Rza; Ünver, Tuğçe
1133-1143 Unicyclic graphs with bicyclic inverses.  Panda, Swarup Kumar
1145-1153 On the intersection graph of a finite group.  Shahsavari, Hossein; Khosravi, Behrooz
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