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Issue 3,  Volume 68, 2018 (Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal)

581-599 Valency seven symmetric graphs of order $2pq$.  Hua, Xiao-Hui; Chen, Li
601-610 Note on a conjecture for the sum of signless Laplacian eigenvalues.  Chen, Xiaodan; Hao, Guoliang; Jin, Dequan; Li, Jingjian
611-631 The holomorphic automorphism groups of twisted Fock-Bargmann-Hartogs domains.  Kim, Hyeseon; Yamamori, Atsushi
633-646 Some globally determined classes of graphs.  Bošnjak, Ivica; Madarász, Rozália
647-656 Finite groups whose character degree graphs coincide with their prime graphs.  Erkoç, Temha; Yilmaztürk, Utku; Güloğlu, İsmail Ş.
657-660 A note on Poisson derivations.  Li, Jiantao
661-675 Local superderivations on Lie superalgebra $\mathfrak {q}(n)$.  Chen, Haixian; Wang, Ying
677-686 Strict Mittag-Leffler conditions and locally split morphisms.  Yang, Yanjiong; Yan, Xiaoguang
687-709 Remarks on local Lie algebras of pairs of functions.  Janyška, Josef
711-721 The construction of 3-Lie 2-algebras.  Wang, Chunyue; Zhang, Qingcheng
723-740 On the geometry of some solvable extensions of the Heisenberg group.  Nasehi, Mehri; Aghasi, Mansour
741-754 Restricted homological dimensions over local homomorphisms and Cohen-Macaulayness.  Kong, Fangdi; Wu, Dejun
755-770 Integral averaging technique for oscillation of damped half-linear oscillators.  Enaka, Yukihide; Onitsuka, Masakazu
771-789 Equivalent conditions for the validity of the Helmholtz decomposition of Muckenhoupt $A_{p}$-weighted $L^{p}$-spaces.  Kakizawa, Ryôhei
791-801 On linear preservers of two-sided gut-majorization on ${\bf M}_{n,m}$.  Ilkhanizadeh Manesh, Asma; Mohammadhasani, Ahmad
803-815 Automorphisms of metacyclic groups.  Chen, Haimiao; Xiong, Yueshan; Zhu, Zhongjian
817-828 On the nilpotent residuals of all subalgebras of Lie algebras.  Meng, Wei; Yao, Hailou
829-842 Weighted generalization of the Ramadanov's theorem and further considerations.  Pasternak-Winiarski, Zbigniew; Wójcicki, Paweł
843-852 Cohen-Macaulay modifications of the vertex cover ideal of a graph.  Ahmad, Safyan; Kanwal, Shamsa; Firdous, Talat
853-874 On realizability of sign patterns by real polynomials.  Kostov, Vladimir
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