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Issue 4,  Volume 68, 2018 (Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal)

875-888 On the pointwise limits of sequences of Świątkowski functions.  Natkaniec, Tomasz; Wódka, Julia
889-920 Linear FDEs in the frame of generalized ODEs: variation-of-constants formula.  Collegari, Rodolfo; Federson, Márcia; Frasson, Miguel
921-941 Groups satisfying the two-prime hypothesis with a composition factor isomorphic to PSL$_2(q)$ for $q\geq 7$.  Lewis, Mark L.; Liu, Yanjun; Tong-Viet, Hung P.
943-951 On almost everywhere differentiability of the metric projection on closed sets in $l^p(\mathbb R^n)$, $2<p<\infty $.  Sjödin, Tord
953-986 Generalized Morrey spaces associated to Schrödinger operators and applications.  Trong, Nguyen Ngoc; Truong, Le Xuan
987-996 Necessary and sufficient conditions for the $L^1$-convergence of double Fourier series.  Kórus, Péter
997-1009 Some Berezin number inequalities for operator matrices.  Bakherad, Mojtaba
1011-1020 Uniform convexity and associate spaces.  Harjulehto, Petteri; Hästö, Peter
1021-1031 Zeros of a certain class of Gauss hypergeometric polynomials.  Abathun, Addisalem; Bøgvad, Rikard
1033-1050 On some new sharp estimates in analytic Herz-type function spaces in tubular domains over symmetric cones.  Shamoyan, Romi F.; Mihić, Olivera
1051-1054 A note on weakly-supplemented subgroups of finite groups.  Pan, Hong
1055-1066 Possible isolation number of a matrix over nonnegative integers.  Beasley, LeRoy B.; Jun, Young Bae; Song, Seok-Zun
1067-1077 On the Győry-Sárközy-Stewart conjecture in function fields.  Shparlinski, Igor E.
1079-1089 Arithmetic genus of integral space curves.  Sun, Hao
1091-1104 The spectral determinations of the connected multicone graphs $ K_w\bigtriangledown mP_{17} $ and $ K_w\bigtriangledown mS $.  Abdian, Ali Zeydi; Mirafzal, S. Morteza
1105-1114 Even factor of bridgeless graphs containing two specified edges.  Haghparast, Nastaran; Kiani, Dariush
1115-1124 The discrete logarithm problem over prime fields: the safe prime case. The Smart attack, non-canonical lifts and logarithmic derivatives.  Gadiyar, Gopalakrishna Hejmadi; Padma, Ramanathan
1125-1130 A remark concerning Putinar's model of hyponormal weighted shifts.  Lauric, Vasile
1131-1148 Automorphism group of representation ring of the weak Hopf algebra $\widetilde {H_8}$.  Su, Dong; Yang, Shilin
1149-1157 Recognition of characteristically simple group $A_5\times A_5$ by character degree graph and order.  Khademi, Maryam; Khosravi, Behrooz
1159-1168 A class of fermionic Novikov superalgebras which is a class of Novikov superalgebras.  Chen, Huibin; Deng, Shaoqiang
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