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Issue 2,  Volume 68, 2018 (Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal)

293-306 More on betweenness-uniform graphs.  Coroničová Hurajová, Jana; Madaras, Tomáš
307-322 Proper connection number of bipartite graphs.  Yue, Jun; Wei, Meiqin; Zhao, Yan
323-339 The method of lines for hyperbolic stochastic functional partial differential equations.  Wrzosek, Monika; Ziemlańska, Maria
341-369 Order of the smallest counterexample to Gallai's conjecture.  Chen, Fuyuan
371-386 On weak supercyclicity II.  Kubrusly, Carlos S.; Duggal, Bhagwati P.
387-414 A generalization to the Hardy-Sobolev spaces $H^{k,p}$ of an $L^p$-$L^1$ logarithmic type estimate.  Feki, Imed; Massoudi, Ameni; Nfata, Houda
415-431 The weighted Hardy spaces associated to self-adjoint operators and their duality on product spaces.  Liu, Suying; Yang, Minghua
433-444 On $g_c$-colorings of nearly bipartite graphs.  Zhang, Yuzhuo; Zhang, Xia
445-453 Non-Wieferich primes in number fields and $abc$-conjecture.  Kotyada, Srinivas; Muthukrishnan, Subramani
455-474 Coherence relative to a weak torsion class.  Zhu, Zhanmin
475-490 Harmonic metrics on four dimensional non-reductive homogeneous manifolds.  Zaeim, Amirhesam; Atashpeykar, Parvane
491-496 Every $2$-group with all subgroups normal-by-finite is locally finite.  Jabara, Enrico
497-511 On the weighted estimate of the Bergman projection.  Sehba, Benoît Florent
513-522 Finite groups whose all proper subgroups are $\mathcal {C}$-groups.  Guo, Pengfei; Liu, Jianjun
523-551 Stratified modules over an extension algebra.  Lukács, Erzsébet; Magyar, András
553-558 Rings consisting entirely of certain elements.  Chen, Huanyin; Sheibani, Marjan; Ashrafi, Nahid
559-576 Libera and Hilbert matrix operator on logarithmically weighted Bergman, Bloch and Hardy-Bloch spaces.  Karapetrović, Boban
577-580 A new proof of the $q$-Dixon identity.  Guo, Victor J. W.
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