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Issue 5,  Volume 54, 2018 (Kybernetika)

865-887 Efficient measurement of higher-order statistics of stochastic processes.  Magiera, Wladyslaw; Libal, Urszula; Wielgus, Agnieszka
888-907 A note on weak solutions to stochastic differential equations.  Ondreját, Martin; Seidler, Jan
908-920 A homogeneity test of large dimensional covariance matrices under non-normality.  Ahmad, M. Rauf
921-936 On the accuracy of approximation of the distribution of negative-binomial random sums by the gamma distribution.  Hung, Tran Loc; Hau, Tran Ngoc
937-957 Stability analysis of uncertain complex-variable delayed nonlinear systems via intermittent control with multiple switched periods.  Zheng, Song
958-977 Rank theory approach to ridge, LASSO, preliminary test and Stein-type estimators: Comparative study.  Saleh, A. K. Md. Ehsanes; Navrátil, Radim
978-990 Region of interest contrast measures.  Remeš, Václav; Haindl, Michal
991-1010 Dynamic coverage control design of multi-agent systems under ellipse sensing regions.  Ma, Longbiao; He, Fenghua; Wang, Long; Ji, Denggao; Yao, Yu
1011-1032 Sliding-mode pinning control of complex networks.  Suarez, Oscar J.; Vega, Carlos J.; Elvira-Ceja, Santiago; Sanchez, Edgar N.; Rodriguez, David I.
1033-1048 Modeling of the temperature distribution of a greenhouse using finite element differential neural networks.  Bello-Robles, Juan Carlos; Begovich, Ofelia; Ruiz-León, Javier; Fuentes-Aguilar, Rita Quetziquel
1049-1070 Robust optimal PID controller design for attitude stabilization of flexible spacecraft.  Pukdeboon, Chutiphon
1071-1090 On finite time stability with guaranteed cost control of uncertain linear systems.  Qayyum, Atif; Pironti, Alfredo
1091-1104 Reconstructibility of Boolean control networks with time delays in states.  Sun, Ping; Zhang, Lijun; Zhang, Kuize
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