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Issue 3,  Volume 64, 2019 (Applications of Mathematics)

279-280 Vratislav Horálek passed away.  Beneš, Viktor
281-300 Theoretical foundation of the weighted Laplace inpainting problem.  Hoeltgen, Laurent; Kleefeld, Andreas; Harris, Isaac; Breuss, Michael
301-308 Some remarks on the Navier-Stokes equations with regularity in one direction.  Zhang, Zujin; Yuan, Weijun; Zhou, Yong
309-334 On adaptive BDDC for the flow in heterogeneous porous media.  Sousedík, Bedřich
335-350 An improved nonmonotone adaptive trust region method.  Xue, Yanqin; Liu, Hongwei; Liu, Zexian
351-366 On the inverse eigenvalue problem for a special kind of acyclic matrices.  Heydari, Mohammad; Shahzadeh Fazeli, Seyed Abolfazl; Karbassi, Seyed Mehdi
367-382 An approximation formula for the price of credit default swaps under the fast-mean reversion volatility model.  He, Xin-Jiang; Chen, Wenting
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