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Issue 3,  Volume 69, 2019 (Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal)

593-607 Betti numbers of some circulant graphs.  Abdi Makvand, Mohsen; Mousivand, Amir
609-619 Bigraphic pairs with a realization containing a split bipartite-graph.  Yin, Jian-Hua; Li, Jia-Yun; Du, Jin-Zhi; Li, Hai-Yan
621-636 Resolving sets of directed Cayley graphs for the direct product of cyclic groups.  Mengesha, Demelash Ashagrie; Vetrík, Tomáš
637-651 Existence and uniqueness of solutions for gradient systems without a compactness embedding condition.  Boussandel, Sahbi
653-664 On the regularity and defect sequence of monomial and binomial ideals.  Borna, Keivan; Mohajer, Abolfazl
665-670 On the number of isomorphism classes of derived subgroups.  Taghvasani, Leyli Jafari; Marzang, Soran; Zarrin, Mohammad
671-694 A note on $q$-partial difference equations and some applications to generating functions and $q$-integrals.  Niu, Da-Wei; Cao, Jian
695-711 Bloch type spaces on the unit ball of a Hilbert space.  Xu, Zhenghua
713-761 Centralizing traces and Lie-type isomorphisms on generalized matrix algebras: a new perspective.  Liang, Xinfeng; Wei, Feng; Fošner, Ajda
763-779 Note on duality of weighted multi-parameter Triebel-Lizorkin spaces.  Ding, Wei; Chen, Jiao; Niu, Yaoming
781-800 Relative tilting modules with respect to a semidualizing module.  Salimi, Maryam
801-810 Generalized tilting modules over ring extension.  Zhang, Zhen
811-835 Pseudo-Riemannian weakly symmetric manifolds of low dimension.  Zhang, Bo; Chen, Zhiqi; Deng, Shaoqiang
837-851 Weak-strong uniqueness for Navier-Stokes/Allen-Cahn system.  Hošek, Radim; Mácha, Václav
853-862 Integral points on the elliptic curve $y^2=x^3-4p^2x$.  Yang, Hai; Fu, Ruiqin
863-891 On stability of linear neutral differential equations with variable delays.  Berezansky, Leonid; Braverman, Elena
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