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Issue 2,  Volume 69, 2019 (Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal)

295-315 Transitive closure and transitive reduction in bidirected graphs.  Bessouf, Ouahiba; Khelladi, Abdelkader; Zaslavsky, Thomas
317-330 Strongly 2-nil-clean rings with involutions.  Chen, Huanyin; Sheibani Abdolyousefi, Marjan
331-335 On weakly-supplemented subgroups and the solvability of finite groups.  Zhou, Qiang
337-351 Boundedness of Littlewood-Paley operators relative to non-isotropic dilations.  Sato, Shuichi
353-363 A Diophantine inequality with four squares and one $k$th power of primes.  Mu, Quanwu; Zhu, Minhui; Li, Ping
365-377 The structures of Hopf $\ast $-algebra on Radford algebras.  Mohammed, Hassan Suleman Esmael; Chen, Hui-Xiang
379-390 Regularity of renormalized solutions to nonlinear elliptic equations away from the support of measure data.  Dall'Aglio, Andrea; Segura de León, Sergio
391-401 Tetravalent half-arc-transitive graphs of order $p^2q^2$.  Liu, Hailin; Lou, Bengong; Ling, Bo
403-415 Extensions of covariantly finite subcategories revisited.  He, Jing
417-426 Presentations for subsemigroups of $PD_n$.  Umar, Abdullahi
427-429 Groups with only two nonlinear non-faithful irreducible characters.  Chen, Xiaoyou; Lewis, Mark L.
431-442 Traceability in $\{K_{1,4},K_{1,4}+e\}$-free graphs.  Zheng, Wei; Wang, Ligong
443-452 A note on the distribution of angles associated to indefinite integral binary quadratic forms.  Đokić, Dragan
453-470 On the endomorphism ring and Cohen-Macaulayness of local cohomology defined by a pair of ideals.  Freitas, Thiago H.; Jorge Pérez, Victor H.
471-477 Some results on (strong) asymptotic Toeplitzness and Hankelness.  Nikpour, Mehdi
479-484 Complete solution of the Diophantine equation $x^y+y^x=z^z$.  Cipu, Mihai
485-501 On the spectrum of Robin Laplacian in a planar waveguide.  Rossini, Alex Ferreira
503-523 Inclusion relations between harmonic Bergman-Besov and weighted Bloch spaces on the unit ball.  Doğan, Ömer Faruk; Üreyen, Adem Ersin
525-543 Convexities of Gaussian integral means and weighted integral means for analytic functions.  Li, Haiying; Liu, Taotao
545-569 Truncated spectral regularization for an ill-posed non-linear parabolic problem.  Jana, Ajoy; Nair, M. Thamban
571-592 Lower bounds for integral functionals generated by bipartite graphs.  Kaskosz, Barbara; Thoma, Lubos
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