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Issue 3,  Volume 60, 2019 (Commentationes Mathematicae Universitatis Carolinae)

299-304 On prolongations of rank one discrete valuations.  El Fadil, Lhoussain
305-312 A note on generalizations of semisimple modules.  Kaynar, Engin; Türkmen, Burcu N.; Türkmen, Ergül
313-322 On commutative rings whose maximal ideals are idempotent.  Kourki, Farid; Tribak, Rachid
323-350 On the integral representation of finely superharmonic functions.  Aslimani, Abderrahim; El Ghazi, Imad; El Kadiri, Mohamed
351-360 The reciprocal Dunford--Pettis property of order $p$ in projective tensor products.  Ghenciu, Ioana
361-378 Infinitely many weak solutions for a non-homogeneous Neumann problem in Orlicz--Sobolev spaces.  Afrouzi, Ghasem A.; Shokooh, Shaeid; Chung, Nguyen T.
379-399 Periodic solutions of a class of third-order differential equations with two delays depending on time and state.  Khemis, Rabah; Ardjouni, Abdelouaheb; Bouakkaz, Ahlème; Djoudi, Ahcene
401-413 Chern rank of complex bundle.  Banerjee, Bikram
415-419 An alternative proof of the uniqueness of martingale-coboundary decomposition of strictly stationary processes.  Morita, Takehiko
421-439 Countable compactness of lexicographic products of GO-spaces.  Kemoto, Nobuyuki
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