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Issue 4,  Volume 60, 2019 (Commentationes Mathematicae Universitatis Carolinae)

441-445 A farewell to Professor RNDr. Věra Trnková, DrSc.  Adámek, Jiří
447-462 Colimit-dense subcategories.  Adámek, Jiří; Brooke-Taylor, Andrew D.; Campion, Tim; Positselski, Leonid; Rosický, Jiří
463-471 Continuous images of Lindelöf $p$-groups, $\sigma $-compact groups, and related results.  Arhangel'skii, Alexander V.
473-495 Contractible simplicial objects.  Barr, Michael; Kennison, John F.; Raphael, Robert
497-508 Accessible set functors are universal.  Barto, Libor
509-527 Split extensions and semidirect products of unitary magmas.  Gran, Marino; Janelidze, George; Sobral, Manuela
529-531 One Erdös style inequality.  Kepka, Tomáš J.; Němec, Petr C.
533-540 Strong functors on many-sorted sets.  Levy, Paul B.
541-551 Axiom $T_D$ and the Simmons sublocale theorem.  Picado, Jorge; Pultr, Aleš
553-580 Order-enriched solid functors.  Sousa, Lurdes; Tholen, Walter
581-604 Vector product and composition algebras in braided monoidal additive categories.  Street, Ross
605-638 A coalgebraic view on reachability.  Wißmann, Thorsten; Milius, Stefan; Katsumata, Shin-ya; Dubut, Jérémy
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