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Issue 3,  Volume 61, 2020 (Commentationes Mathematicae Universitatis Carolinae)

265-275 Fixed point approximation under Mann iteration beyond Ishikawa.  Hester, Anthony; Morales, Claudio H.
277-312 Approximating solutions of split equality of some nonlinear optimization problems using an inertial algorithm.  Jolaoso, Lateef O.; Mewomo, Oluwatosin T.
313-335 Measure-geometric Laplacians for partially atomic measures.  Kesseböhmer, Marc; Samuel, Tony; Weyer, Hendrik
337-344 On left $\varphi$-biflat Banach algebras.  Sahami, Amir; Rostami, Mehdi; Pourabbas, Abdolrasoul
345-362 Asymptotic properties of a $\varphi$-Laplacian and Rayleigh quotient.  Arriagada, Waldo; Huentutripay, Jorge
363-382 Further properties of Stepanov--Orlicz almost periodic functions.  Djabri, Yousra; Bedouhene, Fazia; Boulahia, Fatiha
383-396 Can a Lucas number be a sum of three repdigits?.  Adegbindin, Chèfiath A.; Togbé, Alain
397-408 Exponential domination in function spaces.  Tkachuk, Vladimir V.
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