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Issue 4,  Volume 61, 2020 (Commentationes Mathematicae Universitatis Carolinae)

409-410 Preface.  Drápal, Aleš; Jedlička, Přemysl; Stanovský, David
411-426 Inequalities of DVT-type -- the one-dimensional case.  Batíková, Barbora; Kepka, Tomáš J.; Němec, Petr C.
427-435 Units in quasigroups with classical Bol--Moufang type identities.  Didurik, Natalia; Shcherbacov, Victor
437-457 Constructing and embedding mutually orthogonal Latin squares: reviewing both new and existing results.  Donovan, Diane M.; Grannell, Mike; Yazıcı, Emine Ş.
459-479 Nonassociative triples in involutory loops and in loops of small order.  Drápal, Aleš; Hora, Jan
481-500 Normality, nuclear squares and Osborn identities.  Drápal, Aleš; Kinyon, Michael
501-511 Inverse property of nonassociative abelian extensions.  Figula, Ágota; Nagy, Péter T.
513-521 The operation $ABA$ in operator algebras.  Gaál, Marcell
523-534 Automorphic loops and metabelian groups.  Greer, Mark; Raney, Lee
535-545 The centre of a Steiner loop and the maxi-Pasch problem.  Kozlik, Andrew R.
547-551 On finite commutative IP-loops with elementary abelian inner mapping groups of order $p^5$.  Niemenmaa, Markku
553-566 Semisymmetrization and Mendelsohn quasigroups.  Smith, Jonathan D. H.
567-579 Classification of quasigroups according to directions of translations I.  Sokhatsky, Fedir; Lutsenko, Alla
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