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Issue 2,  Volume 66, 2021 (Applications of Mathematics)

177-181 Editorial: Bridging the science and technology by modern mathematical methods and high performance computing.  Singh, Vinai K.; Sheng, Qin
183-211 An XFEM/DG approach for fluid-structure interaction problems with contact.  Formaggia, Luca; Gatti, Federico; Zonca, Stefano
213-232 A spatially sixth-order hybrid $L1$-CCD method for solving time fractional Schrödinger equations.  Zhang, Chun-Hua; Jin, Jun-Wei; Sun, Hai-Wei; Sheng, Qin
233-268 Herbivore harvesting and alternative steady states in coral reefs.  Sarkar, Ikbal Hossein; Bhattacharyya, Joydeb; Pal, Samares
269-285 Verified numerical computations for large-scale linear systems.  Ozaki, Katsuhisa; Terao, Takeshi; Ogita, Takeshi; Katagiri, Takahiro
287-317 Variational Gaussian process for optimal sensor placement.  Tajnafoi, Gabor; Arcucci, Rossella; Mottet, Laetitia; Vouriot, Carolanne; Molina-Solana, Miguel; Pain, Christopher; Guo, Yi-Ke
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