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Issue 2,  Volume 62, 2021 (Commentationes Mathematicae Universitatis Carolinae)

135-149 Edge-sum distinguishing labeling.  Bok, Jan; Jedličková, Nikola
151-158 Boundedness and compactness of some operators on discrete Morrey spaces.  Guzmán-Partida, Martha
159-167 Harmonic deformability of planar curves.  Symeonidis, Eleutherius
169-174 A note on the height of the third Stiefel--Whitney class of the canonical vector bundles over some Grassmann manifolds.  Balko, Ľudovít
175-200 Conformal Killing graphs in foliated Riemannian spaces with density: rigidity and stability.  Velásquez, Marco L. A.; Ramalho, André F. A.; de Lima, Henrique F.; Santos, Márcio S.; Oliveira, Arlandson M. S.
201-224 On the hyperspace $C_n(X)/{C_n}_K(X)$.  Anaya, José G.; Castañeda-Alvarado, Enrique; Martínez-Cortez, José A.
225-241 On the continuity of the elements of the Ellis semigroup and other properties.  García-Ferreira, Salvador; Rodríguez-López, Yackelin; Uzcátegui, Carlos
243-257 Coarse homotopy on metric spaces and their corona.  Hartmann, Elisa
259-263 On atomic ideals in some factor rings of $C(X,\Bbb Z)$.  Olfati, Alireza
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