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Issue 3,  Volume 62, 2021 (Commentationes Mathematicae Universitatis Carolinae)

265-272 Notes on generalizations of Bézout rings.  El Alaoui, Haitham; Mouanis, Hakima
273-289 Decomposition of Cartesian product of complete graphs into paths and stars with four edges.  Ezhilarasi, Arockiajeyaraj P.; Muthusamy, Appu
291-296 On the distribution of the roots of polynomial $z^k-z^{k-1}-\dots - z-1$.  Gómez, Carlos A.; Luca, Florian
297-307 Some interpretations of the $(k,p)$-Fibonacci numbers.  Paja, Natalia; Włoch, Iwona
309-323 Classification of quasigroups according to directions of translations II.  Sokhatsky, Fedir; Lutsenko, Alla
325-345 On a class of variational problems with linear growth and radial symmetry.  Bildhauer, Michael; Fuchs, Martin
347-360 The Golomb space is topologically rigid.  Banakh, Taras; Spirito, Dario; Turek, Sławomir
361-382 Chromatic number of the product of graphs, graph homomorphisms, antichains and cofinal subsets of posets without AC.  Banerjee, Amitayu; Gyenis, Zalán
383-392 Non-normality points and nice spaces.  Logunov, Sergei
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