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Issue 2,  Volume 63, 2022 (Commentationes Mathematicae Universitatis Carolinae)

135-143 On FI-mono-retractable modules.  Atashkar, Marziyeh; Talebi, Yahya
145-157 Self-small products of abelian groups.  Dvořák, Josef; Žemlička, Jan
159-167 A Marchaud type inequality.  Bustamante, Jorge
169-187 On Beurling measure algebras.  Stokke, Ross
189-219 Totally Brown subsets of the Golomb space and the Kirch space.  Alberto-Domínguez, José del Carmen; Acosta, Gerardo; Delgadillo-Piñón, Gerardo
221-228 Three small results on normal first countable linearly H-closed spaces.  Baillif, Mathieu
229-244 On subcompactness and countable subcompactness of metrizable spaces in ZF.  Keremedis, Kyriakos
245-259 $C^*$-points vs $P$-points and $P^\flat$-points.  Martinez, Jorge; McGovern, Warren Wm.
261-267 Selectors of discrete coarse spaces.  Protasov, Igor
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