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Issue 3,  Volume 148, 2023 (Mathematica Bohemica)

283-302 Existence of weak solutions for elliptic Dirichlet problems with variable exponent.  Kim, Sungchol; Ri, Dukman
303-327 Boundedness criteria for a class of second order nonlinear differential equations with delay.  Adams, Daniel O.; Omeike, Mathew O.; Osinuga, Idowu A.; Badmus, Biodun S.
329-348 Investigating generalized quaternions with dual-generalized complex numbers.  Gürses, Nurten; Şentürk, Gülsüm Yeliz; Yüce, Salim
349-408 Null controllability of a coupled model in population dynamics.  Echarroudi, Younes
409-434 Stability result for a thermoelastic Bresse system with delay term in the internal feedback.  Bouzettouta, Lamine; Baibeche, Sabah; Abdelli, Manel; Guesmia, Amar
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