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Mathematics in the Austrian-Hungarian Empire

Proceedings of a Symposium held in Budapest on August 1, 2009 during the XXIII ICHST

Series No.: 41 (Dějiny matematiky)
Creator: Bečvářová, Martina; Binder, Christa
Language: English
Issued by: Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University; Austrian Society for the History of Science
Publisher: Matfyzpress
Place: Praha, 2010
Printer: Reprostředisko UK MFF
ISBN: 978-80-7378-114-9

MSC: 01-06, 01A55, 01A60, 01A85

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Table of Contents

[1]-[2] [Front matter]
3-4 [Editorial message]. Binder, Christa; Bečvářová, Martina
5-6 Programme of the symposium
7-7 Contents
8-8 Map of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy
9-31 Czech mathematicians and their role in the development of national mathematics in the Balkans. Bečvářová, Martina
32-32 Hungarian Parliament [Photograph]
33-42 “The crisis of intuition” - Austrian-Hungarian contributions in the quest of defining the mathematical term “Dimension” from the 1850's to the 1920's. Beham, B.
43-54 The appointment policy in the Austrian-Hungarian Empire. Binder, Christa
55-73 Mathematics in Lwów before the Lwów Matematical School. Domoradzki, Stanisław
74-74 During lectures [photograph]
75-80 Mathematics in Bosnia–Herzegovina. Gropp, Harald
81-92 Wilhelm Matzka and his position in the Austro-Hungarian mathematics. Chocholová, Michaela
93-102 The mathematics and its professors at the Mining and Forestry Academy in Schemnitz (Banská Štiavnica). Morovics, Miroslav Tibor
103-108 The reception of Bolyai’s geometry in the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Munkacsy, Kati
109-124 Mathematical education in the province of Vojvodina within the Habsburg Monarchy. Nikolić, Aleksandar M.
125-136 Karel Pelz an outstanding geometer of the 19th century. Pémová, Marta; Sklenáriková, Zita
137-148 Greek mathematical publications in Vienna in the 18th–19th centuries. Phili, Christine
149-160 Franc Hočevar and his scientific work. Razpet, Marko
161-176 Franc Hočevar - textbook author
[177]-[180] [Back matter]
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