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Toposym 4-A

General topology and its relations to modern analysis and algebra IV
Proceedings of the fourth Prague topological symposium, 1976
Part A: Invited papers

Venue: Berlin, 1976

Publisher: Springer, Berlin, 1977
Series: Lecture Notes in Mathematics, 609

MR0445440 | Zbl 0349.00012
MSC: 00Bxx, 54-06

Table of Contents

[III] Preface.  Novák, J.
V-VI List of participants.  
VII-VIII List of invited addresses.  
IX-XVI List of communications.  
[XVII] Contents.  
1-20 On an extension of Pontryagin's duality theory.  Binz, E.
[21]-33 Entropy numbers of operators in Banach spaces.  Carl, B.; Pietsch, A.
[34]-42 Some recent applications of ultrafilters to topology.  Comfort, W. W.
[43]-55 Some problems concerning $C(X)$.  Császár, Á.
[56]-65 Generalized shape theory.  Deleanu, Aristide; Hilton, Peter
[66]-80 New results in uniform topology.  Efremovič, V. A.; Vaĭnšteĭn, A. G.
81-97 Topologization of Boolean algebras.  Flachsmeyer, J.
98-108 Recent development of theory of uniform spaces.  Frolík, Zdeněk
109-114 Stability of Banach algebras.  Johnson, B. E.
115-123 Two set-theoretic problems in topology.  Juhász, I.
[124]-135 Category, Boolean algebras and measure.  Maharam, D.
136-153 On rings of continuous functions.  Nagata, Jun-iti
154-165 Combinatorial properties of uniformities.  Pelant, Jan
[166]-178 Nondiscrete mathematical induction.  Pták, Vlastimil
[179]-189 Compact C-spaces and S-spaces.  Rajagopalan, M.
190-195 A narrow view of set theoretic topology.  Rudin, M. E.
196-204 Some topological aspects of the theory of topological transformation groups.  Smirnov, Yu. M.
[205]-210 Measure-preserving maps.  Stone, A. H.
[211]-225 Categorial aspects are useful for topology.  Trnková, Věra
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