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Toposym 4-B

General topology and its relations to modern analysis and algebra IV
Proceedings of the fourth Prague topological symposium, 1976
Part B: Contributed Papers

Editor: Novák, Josef
Venue: Prague, 1976

Publisher: Society of Czechoslovak Mathematicians and Physicist, Praha, 1977

MR0448277 | Zbl 0355.00011
MSC: 00Bxx, 54-06

Table of Contents

[1]-4 Contents.  
[5] Preface.  Novák, J.
[6]-7 List of participants.  
[8]-9 List of invited addresses.  
10-17 List of communications.  
18-20 On an example of Mary Ellen (Estill) Rudin.  Aarts, Jan M.; Lowen-Colebunders, Eva
[21]-24 Two-norm algebras.  Alexiewicz, A.
[25]-27 On normality of the product of two spaces.  Atsuji, M.
28-36 Maximal linked systems in topology.  Baayen, Cor P.
[37]-44 Relative compactness and recent common generalizations of metric and locally compact spaces.  Balogh, Z.
[45]-50 On a factorization lemma and a construction of absolute without separation axioms.  Błaszczyk, A.
[51]-58 On preserving the fixed point property by mappings.  Bogatyĭ, S. A.
[59]-61 On locally ordered spaces.  Bognár, M.
[62] Problem.  Borsuk, K.
[63]-67 Structure of connected locally compact groups.  Boseck, H.; Czichowski, G.
[68]-69 On the open mapping theorem.  Byczkowski, T.
70-71 A note on the dimension of products.  Charalambous, M. G.
72-76 Problems and remarks on contractibility of curves.  Charatonik, J. J.
[77]-82 Extensions of closure spaces and applications to proximity and contiguity structures.  Chattopadhyay, K. C.; Thron, W. J.
[83]-89 Set transformations with centralizers formed by closed deformations of quasi-discrete topological spaces.  Chvalina, J.
[90]-94 Separation and connectedness.  Császár, K.
95-98 The notion of $\cal K$-shape.  Doitchinov, D.
99-110 Remarks to the problem of defining a topology by its homeomorphism group.  Domiaty, R. Z.
111-112 A technique for constructing examples.  van Douwen, Eric K.
113-115 On the geometric characterization of differentiability.  Durdil, J.
116-118 On singlevaluedness and continuity of monotone mappings.  Fabian, M.
119-124 On convergence in the space of summations.  Flachsmeyer, J.; Terpe, F.
125-126 Box products of Baire spaces.  Fleissner, William G.
127-131 Sequentially complete spaces.  Frič, R.; Koutník, V.
132-135 On generalized vector topologies.  Gähler, S.
136-141 On reflective and coreflective subcategories of LIM, LUN, and LVEC.  Gähler, W.
142-148 Categories of continuous function spaces.  Govaerts, W.
149-153 The limit inferior of a filtered set-family as a set of limit points.  Grimeisen, G.
154-155 Wallman extendible functions with normal domains.  Hajek, D. W.
156-158 Linear-topological properties of operator spaces.  Heinrich, S.
159-163 Covering dimensions and partitions of unity.  Hejcman, J.
[164]-167 Tychonoff spaces that have a compactification with countable remainder.  Henriksen, Melvin
168-169 Compactifications by adding a countable number of points.  Hoshina, T.
170-172 Categorial aspects are useful in topology.  Hušek, M.
173-177 Fixed point theorems for metric space mappings.  Ivanov, A. A.
178 Embedding compacta up to shape.  Ivanšić, I.
179-186 Two-sided nonsingular transformations.  Iwanik, A.
187-194 Generation of Baire sets.  Jayne, J. E.
[195]-196 A compactness criterion for the space of almost periodic functions.  Jeschek, F.; Poppe, H.; Stärk, A.
[197]-206 Ordinal invariants in topology - summary.  Kannan, V.
[207]-213 Topological considerations in the foundations of quantum and time theories.  Kartsaklis, Anastase
[214]-219 Descriptive complexity of functions.  Katětov, M.
[220]-222 Monotone increasing covers and paracompactness.  Katuta, Y.
[223]-227 Regularity: A generalization of equicontinuity.  Kaul, Saroop K.
228-230 Some product theorems.  Kent, D. C.; Richardson, G. D.
231-236 Equicontinuity and the theorem of ARZELA-ASCOLI in uniform convergence spaces.  Kneis, G.
237-244 Multisequences and measures.  Kratochvíl, P.
[245]-246 Summary of the paper $\sigma$-algebra generated by analytic sets and applications.  Kuratowski, K.
[247]-253 Monotone mappings and cellularity of ordered sets.  Kurepa, D.
[254]-259 Convergence in fuzzy topological spaces.  Lowen, R.
[260]-267 Planable and smooth dendroids.  Mackowiak, T.
[268]-275 Fredholm points of compactly perturbed bounded linear operators.  Marek, I.
[276]-278 Some questions related to hyperspaces.  Marjanović, M. M.
[279]-283 Recent results on superextensions.  van Mill, Jan
[284]-287 Local connectedness and fixed points.  Minc, P.
[288]-290 Compact Hausdorff spaces with two open sets.  Mioduszewski, J.
291-295 Topological groups of divisibility.  Močkoř, J.
[296]-297 Some problems on normality of products of spaces.  Morita, K.
[298]-307 $T_3$-completions of convergence vector spaces.  Müller, Bernd
[308]-310 The weak Radon-Nikodym property in Banach spaces.  Musiał, K.
311-318 An application of modular spaces to integral equations.  Musielak, J.
[319]-326 Some problems of convergence in countably modulared spaces.  Musielak, J.; Waszak, A.
[327]-328 The category of all zero-dimensional realcompact spaces is not simple.  Mysior, A.
[329]-330 Subcategories with cartesian closed coreflective hull.  Nel, L. D.
[331]-332 Algebras of continuous functions in universal algebra.  Nelson, Evelyn
333-337 Ramsey topological spaces.  Nešetřil, J.; Rödl, V.
[338]-341 Separate continuity and continuity for some generalized continuity notions.  Neubrunn, T.
[342]-343 Concerning the topological products of two Fréchet spaces.  Novák, J.
[344]-347 Countable small rank and cardinal invariants.  Nyikos, P.
[348]-352 A class $\alpha$ and compacta which are quasi-homeomorphic with surfaces.  Patkowska, H.
353-356 Atoms in uniformities and proximities.  Pelant, J.; Reiterman, J.
[357]-360 A hereditarily normal strongly zero-dimensional space containing subspaces of arbitrary large dimension.  Pol, Elżbieta; Pol, Roman
[361]-366 Embeddable spaces and duality in topological categories.  Porst, H.-E.
367-370 Relative connectednesses and disconnectednesses in topological categories.  Preuß, Gerhard
[371]-380 Some results on distance functions.  Reichel, H. C.
[381]-389 Descriptive sets in uniform spaces.  Rice, M. D.
[390]-392 Extension of measures and integrals by the help of a pseudometric.  Riečan, B.
[393] Derivations of quotients of von Neumann algebras.  Ringrose, J. R.
[394]-399 Liftings of functors in topological situations.  Rosický, J.
[400]-406 On spaces of vector-valued continuous functions.  Schmets, J.
[407]-411 Characterizations of supercompact spaces.  Schrijver, A.
[412] Wallman's method.  Schröder, J.
[413]-419 Local behavior in shape theory.  Segal, Jack
[420]-424 Topologies on systems of subsets.  Sekanina, Milan
[425]-429 On quasi-uniform convergence.  Seyedin, Massood
[430]-433 Uniform atoms on $\omega$.  Simon, P.
[434]-444 On a theorem of Michael-Morita-Hanai.  Singal, M. K.; Shashi, Prabha Arya
[445]-451 On a class of topological spaces containing all bicompact and all connected spaces.  Šostak, A.
[452] On some properties of the function class $H^\infty$ and applications to Hilbert space operators.  Szökefalvi-Nagy, Béla
[453] Some topological applications of a generalized Martin's axiom.  Tall, F. D.
[454]-460 Cartesian-closed coreflective subcategories of $\underline{Unif}$.  Tashjian, Gloria
[461]-472 On some topological games.  Telgársky, R.
[473]-476 Products of $[a, b]$-chain compact spaces.  Vaughan, J. E.
[477]-480 The fixed point property of superextensions.  van der Vel, M.
[481]-484 Uniformly continuous Banach valued mappings.  Vilímovský, J.
[485]-493 Equivariant embeddings of $G$-spaces.  de Vries, Jan
[494]-499 On a problem of Katětov.  Wage, M. L.
[500]-505 Subbase structures in nearness spaces.  Wattel, E.
[506]-512 Joint-convergence in function spaces. Order of $\frak W$ closures.  Wichterle, K.
[513]-516 Scattered spaces of point-countable type.  Wicke, H. H.; Worrell, J. M., Jr.
[517]-520 On closed graph theorems.  Wilhelm, M.
[521]-525 On generalized ordered $p$- and $M$-spaces.  van Wouwe, J. M.
[526] On zero-dimensional mappings and commutative algebra.  Zarelua, A.
[527]-530 On cohesive mappings.  Zaremba, D.
[531]-540 A survey of recent results on the spectral radius in Banach algebras.  Zemánek, Jaroslav
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