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Issue 2,  Volume 29, 1988 (Acta Universitatis Carolinae. Mathematica et Physica)

Proceedings of the 16th Winter School on Abstract Analysis, Srní 1998

WSAA Proceedings
(2) Foreword.  Frolík, Z.
3-14 On a classification of Hamiltonian tournaments.  Burzio, Marco; Demaria, Davide Carlo
15-18 The dimension of analytic sets.  Haase, H.
19-21 Period structure for pointwise periodic isometries of continua.  Iwanik, Anzelm
23-25 Some combinatorial problems, connected with product-isomorphisms of binary relations.  Kipiani, A. E.
27-36 Counterexamples in minimally generated Boolean algebras.  Koppelberg, Sabine
37-41 Bijections of scattered spaces onto compact Hausdorff.  Kulpa, Władysław; Turzański, Marian
43-49 Bijections onto compact spaces.  Kulpa, Władysław; Turzański, Marian
51-65 On some notions related to compactness for locales.  Paseka, Jan; Šmarda, Bohumil
67-74 Collapsing of cardinals in generalized Cohen's forcing.  Repický, Miroslav
75-80 On approximation of multifunctions with respect to the Vietoris topology.  Spakowski, Andrzej
Journal articles outside WSAA Proceedings
83-97 New UBV photometry of IU Aurigae.  Mayer, Pavel
99-121 New photometric data on LY Aurigae.  Mayer, Pavel; Papoušek, Jiří
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