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Proceedings of the Winter School "Geometry and Physics"

Editors: Bureš, J.; Souček, V.
Organized by: Charles University, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics; Union of Czech Mathematicians and Physicists
Venue: Srní, 1991

Publisher: Circolo Matematico di Palermo, Palermo, 1993
Series: Rendiconti del Circolo Matematico di Palermo, Serie II, Supplemento No. 30

MR1246614 | Zbl 0777.00026

Table of Contents

[7] Foreword.  Bureš, J.; Souček, V.
[9]-14 List of participants.  
[15]-20 Higher Reidemeister torsion and parametrized Morse theory.  Klein, John R.
[21]-26 Ordered symmetric spaces.  Neeb, Karl-Hermann
[27]-34 A K-theoretic approach to Chern-Cheeger-Simons invariants.  Pekonen, Osmo
[35]-46 The Legendre transformation in differential spaces.  Sasin, Wiesław; Multarzyński, Piotr
[47]-53 Lie algebra of a family of one-parameter subgroups.  Gożdnik, Slawomir; Wojtyński, Wojciech
[55]-63 Report on K-theory for convenient algebras.  Cap, Andreas
[65]-70 Universal enveloping algebras and quantization.  Grabowski, Janusz
[71]-94 Characteristic classes of regular Lie algebroids – a sketch.  Kubarski, Jan
[95]-100 Natural affinors on the extended $r$-th order tangent bundles.  Gancarzewicz, Jacek; Kolář, Ivan
[101]-112 Natural transformations of affinors into functions and affinors.  Dębecki, Jacek
[113]-123 A proof of the Baues-Lemaire conjecture in rational homotopy theory.  Majewski, Martin
[125]-131 Formal computations in low-dimensional topology: links and group presentations.  Markl, Martin
[133]-141 Comparison of Dirac operators on manifolds with.  Bunke, Ulrich
[143]-152 Embedding of a Urysohn differentiable manifold with corners in a real Banach space.  Armas-Gómez, S.; Margalef-Roig, J.; Outerolo-Domínguez, E.; Padrón-Fernández, E.
[153]-155 Some examples of homogeneous Einstein manifolds.  Rodionov, E. D.
[157]-162 3-manifolds and relativistic kinks.  Zvengrowski, Peter
[163]-182 The tangent and the cotangent vector square of a pointed differential square.  Przybylski, Bronisław
[183]-193 The Penrose transform for Dirac equation.  Bureš, J.; Souček, V.
[195]-200 Gamma-function and Gaussian-sum-function.  Helversen-Pasotto, A.
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