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Issue 2,  Volume 31, 1990 (Commentationes Mathematicae Universitatis Carolinae)

197-200 A note on flat modules.  Bican, Ladislav; Binderová, Renata
201-211 Representations in varieties of regular involution bands.  Koubek, Václav
213-222 Global branching for discontinuous problems.  Ambrosetti, Antonio; Calahorrano, Recalde Marco; Dobarro, Fernando R.
223-226 Note to the paper of Fučík and Mawhin.  Andres, Ján
227-232 Wiener's test of thinness in potential theory.  Brzezina, Miroslav
233-241 Higher monotonicity properties of special functions: application on Bessel case $|\nu| < \frac{1}{2}$.  Došlá, Zuzana
243-255 Forced vibrations in one-dimensional nonlinear thermoelasticity as a local coercive-like problem.  Feireisl, Eduard
257-262 Contact problems with given time-dependent friction force in linear viscoelasticity.  Jarušek, Jiří
263-276 Existence of unstable sets for invariant sets in compact semiflows. Applications in order-preserving semiflows.  Poláčik, Peter
277-282 Iterative approximation of fixed points of nonexpansive mappings with starshaped domain.  Schu, Jürgen
283-293 Existence and limiting behaviour for damped nonlinear evolution equations with nonlocal terms.  Ševčovič, Daniel
295-306 On the regularity up to the boundary for higher order quasilinear elliptic systems.  Viszus, Eugen
307-313 Property $({\rm G})$ and $({\rm K})$ of Orlicz spaces.  Wang, Tingfu
315-322 A posteriori error estimate of approximate solutions to a mildly nonlinear elliptic boundary value problem.  Weisz, Juraj
323-336 Some limit theorems of intermediate term of a random number of independent random variables.  Barakat, Haroon Mohamed; El-Shandidy, Mouhamed A.
337-343 Moments of stochastic processes governed by Poisson random measures.  Bassan, Bruno; Bona, Elisabetta
345-356 Asymptotics for robust MOSUM.  Hušková, Marie
357-366 Invariance principles in $L^2 [0,1]$.  Oliveira, Paulo Eduardo
367-372 A note on Sampford-Durbin sampling.  Prášková, Zuzana
373-381 Fan-Gottesman type compactification of frames.  Baboolal, D.
383-390 Characterization of chaos for continuous maps of the circle.  Kuchta, Milan
391-393 Topologies in product which preserve Baire spaces.  Kucia, Anna
395-401 Some new cardinal inequalities involving a cardinal function less than the spread and the density.  Sun, Shu Hao; Choo, Koo Guan
403 On the convergence of Neumann series for noncompact operators.  Medková, Dagmar
403-404 Aggregation and disaggregation in Markov chains.  Polák, Jaroslav
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