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Issue 4,  Volume 42, 2006 (Archivum Mathematicum)

Issue dedicated to Professor Jiří Rosický

309-334 A logic of orthogonality.  Adámek, Jiří; Hébert, M.; Sousa, L.
335-356 Initial normal covers in bi-Heyting toposes.  Borceux, Francis; Bourn, Dominique; Johnstone, Peter
357-386 On universality of semigroup varieties.  Demlová, Marie; Koubek, Václav
387-396 Relative commutator associated with varieties of $n$-nilpotent and of $n$-solvable groups.  Everaert, Tomas; Gran, Marino
397-408 Natural weak factorization systems.  Grandis, Marco; Tholen, Walter
409-418 Sublocale sets and sublocale lattices.  Picado, Jorge; Pultr, Aleš
419-425 On corings and comodules.  Porst, Hans-E.
427-440 Clone properties of topological spaces.  Trnková, Věra
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