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Issue 3,  Volume 21, 1971 (Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal)

(349c),(349d),(349e) Summaries of articles published in this issue.  
349-354 Remarks on a theorem of P. K. Suetin.  Prasad, Jagdish
355-363 Mutants in the symmetric semigroups.  Kim, Jin Bai
364-365 On unisolvent systems.  Lambert, Howard B.
366-368 Some relations among invariants of graphs.  Chvátal, Václav
369-370 On semigroups that are semilattices of groups.  LaTorre, Donald R.
371-372 Limits of approximately continuous functions.  Preiss, David
373-382 Approximate derivatives and Baire classes.  Preiss, David
383-390 On almost complete and almost precompact quasi-uniform spaces.  Fletcher, Peter; Naimpally, S. A.
391-398 On the number of polynomials in ordered algebra.  Sekaninová, Anna; Sekanina, Milan
399-412 Weak product decompositions of discrete lattices.  Jakubík, Ján
413-417 A note on mixed abelian groups.  Bican, Ladislav
418-423 On approximation of Baire functions by Darboux functions.  Smítal, Jaroslav
424-430 Randomly Eulerian digraphs.  Chartrand, Gary; Lick, Don R.
431-436 Polynomials in topological algebras.  Sekanina, Milan
437-448 Tensor-invariants of submanifolds.  Vanžura, Jiří
449-452 Commutative cancellative semigroups with two generators.  Hall, Robert E.
453-460 The method of moving frames applied to a space of bilinear forms.  Mansfield, Larry
461-483 On the structure of dual semigroups.  Schwarz, Štefan
484-489 On the points of quasicontinuity and cliquishness of functions.  Lipiński, Jan Stanisław; Šalát, Tibor
490-492 Book reviews. Černý, Ilja: Základy analysy v komplexním oboru. (Fundaments of analysis in the comlex domain).  Mařík, Jan
493-(524) Professor Vojtěch Jarník ist gestorben.  Kurzweil, Jaroslav; Novák, Břetislav
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