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Issue 4,  Volume 21, 1971 (Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal)

(6),(7),(8) Summaries of articles published in this issue.  
525-534 On the absolute Cesàro summability of the ultraspherical series.  Pandey, G. S.
535-566 A linear and weakly nonlinear equation of a beam: the boundary-value problem for free extremities and its periodic solutions.  Krylová, Naděžda; Vejvoda, Otto
567-576 Positive rational semigroups and commutative power joined cancellative semigroups without idempotent.  Sasaki, Morio; Tamura, Takayuki
577-589 Modifications of closure collections.  Pechanec-Drahoš, Jaroslav
590-609 Representations of presheaves of semiuniformisable spaces, and representation of a presheaf by the presheaf of all continuous sections in its covering-space.  Pechanec-Drahoš, Jaroslav
610-618 On multipliers of temperate distributions.  Kučera, Jan
619-624 The group of autotopies of a digraph.  Zelinka, Bohdan
625-632 A generalization of $K$-compact spaces.  Bhaumik, Shri R. N.; Misra, D. N.
633-637 A class of commutative semigroups in which the idempotents are linearly ordered.  Satyanarayana, M.
638-643 Eberlein integral and polynomial interpolation.  Singh, Raj Kishor
644-652 Interpolationsfunktoren, Folgenideale und Operatorenideale.  Pietsch, Albrecht
653-660 Groups and homogeneous graphs.  Zelinka, Bohdan
661-671 Asymptotic integration of a nonhomogeneous differential equation with integrable coefficients.  Hallam, Thomas G.
672-679 Isomorphism-induced line isomorphisms on pseudographs.  Hemminger, Robert L.
680-682 Comments concerning flows near compact invariant sets.  Fallone, Paul R., Jr.
683-695 Damped wave equations and the heat equation.  Fulks, Watson; Guenther, Ronald B.
696-699 Über die Zerlegungen von linearen homogenen Differentialoperatoren.  Suchomel, Jaromír
700 Book reviews. Dettman, J. W.: Matematické metody ve fyzice a technice (Mathematical Methods in Physics and Engineering).  Horáček, Oldřich
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