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Issue 3,  Volume 41, 2000 (Commentationes Mathematicae Universitatis Carolinae)

437-444 Racks and orbits of dressing transformations.  Balinsky, A. A.
445-448 Smooth invariants and $\omega$-graded modules over $k[X]$.  Richman, Fred
449-457 Equivalence of the properties ($\beta$) and (NUC) in Orlicz spaces.  Dhompongsa, Sompong
459-467 Bounds for the spectral radius of positive operators.  Drnovšek, Roman
469-476 Surjective factorization of holomorphic mappings.  González, Manuel; Gutiérrez, Joaquín M.
477-484 Covering dimension and differential inclusions.  Anello, G.
485-491 Existence of mild solutions on semiinfinite interval for first order differential equation with nonlocal condition.  Benchohra, M.; Ntouyas, S. K.
493-508 On very weak solutions of a class of nonlinear elliptic systems.  Carozza, Menita; Passarelli di Napoli, Antonia
509-527 BGG sequences on spheres.  Somberg, Petr
529-541 A duality between infinitary varieties and algebraic theories.  Adámek, Jiří; Koubek, Václav; Velebil, Jiří
543-558 Cardinal invariants of the lattice of partitions.  Majcher-Iwanow, Barbara
559-573 Cartesian closed hull for (quasi-)metric spaces (revisited).  Nauwelaerts, Mark
575-583 Abstract initiality.  Schröder, Lutz; Herrlich, Horst
585-595 Moscow spaces, Pestov-Tkačenko Problem, and $C$-embeddings.  Arhangel'skii, A.
597-603 On (transfinite) small inductive dimension of products.  Chatyrko, V. A.; Kozlov, K. L.
605-610 The Banach contraction mapping principle and cohomology.  Janoš, Ludvík
611-617 On weakly bisequential spaces.  Liu, Chuan
619-629 Perfect compactifications of functions.  Nordo, Giorgio; Pasynkov, Boris A.
631-643 Homomorphism duality for rooted oriented paths.  Smolíková, Petra
645-650 Abstracts of theses in mathematics.  
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