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nonlinear elliptic systems; maximal operator theory
In this paper we prove a regularity result for very weak solutions of equations of the type $- \operatorname{div} A(x,u,Du)=B(x, u,Du)$, where $A$, $B$ grow in the gradient like $t^{p-1}$ and $B(x, u, Du)$ is not in divergence form. Namely we prove that a very weak solution $u\in W^{1,r}$ of our equation belongs to $W^{1,p}$. We also prove global higher integrability for a very weak solution for the Dirichlet problem $$ \cases -\operatorname{div} A(x,u,Du)\,=B(x, u,Du) \quad & \text{in } \Omega , \ u-u_o\in W^{1,r}(\Omega,\Bbb R^m). \endcases $$
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