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Issue 3,  Volume 42, 2001 (Commentationes Mathematicae Universitatis Carolinae)

421-442 Isotype subgroups of mixed groups.  Megibben, Charles; Ullery, William
443-450 Homomorphic images of subdirectly irreducible groupoids.  Stanovský, David
451-458 Discontinuous elliptic problems in $\Bbb R^N$ without monotonicity assumptions.  Cingolani, Silvia; Lazzo, Monica
459-468 Multipoint boundary value problems for discrete equations.  Drábek, Pavel; Thompson, H. Bevan; Tisdell, Christopher
469-479 Integrability for vector-valued minimizers of some variational integrals.  Leonetti, Francesco; Siepe, Francesco
481-485 A new proof of weighted weak-type inequalities for fractional integrals.  Cruz-Uribe, D., SFO
487-497 Smooth, very smooth and strongly smooth points in Musielak-Orlicz function spaces equipped with the Luxemburg norm.  Hudzik, H.; Wang, L.; Wang, T.
499-506 Triangularization of some families of operators on locally convex spaces.  Kramar, Edvard
507-519 On $\alpha$-normal and $\beta$-normal spaces.  Arhangel'skii, A. V.; Ludwig, L.
521-527 Countable compactness and $p$-limits.  García-Ferreira, S.; Tomita, A. H.
529-533 Condensations of Tychonoff universal topological algebras.  Hernández, Constancio
535-544 An example of a space whose all continuous mappings are almost injective.  Iturralde, Pablo Mendoza
545-550 An answer to a question of Arhangel'skii.  Michalewski, Henryk
551-559 Complete $\aleph_0$-bounded groups need not be $\Bbb R$-factorizable.  Tkachenko, M. G.
561-573 On projectively quotient functors.  Zhuraev, T. F.
575-582 Monotone sequent calculus and resolution.  Bílková, Marta
583-590 Distributional chaos on tree maps: the star case.  Cánovas, Jose S.
591-600 Limit theorems for rank statistics detecting gradual changes.  Slabý, Aleš
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