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Issue 1,  Volume 26, 1987 (Acta Universitatis Palackianae Olomucensis. Facultas Rerum Naturalium. Mathematica)

9-25 Double vector spaces.  Vanžurová, Alena
27-31 Medial subcartesian products of fields.  Klucký, Dalibor; Marková, Libuše
33-45 To the definition of the global transformation in 2-dimensional linear spaces of continuous functions.  Laitochová, Jitka
47-55 Bounds for solutions of a nonlinear differential equation of the third order.  Staněk, Svatoslav
57-83 On a transformation of solutions of the differential equation $y'=Q(t)y$ with a complex coefficient $Q$ of a real variable.  Staněk, Svatoslav
85-93 Über die Existenz einer begrenzten und periodischen Lösung der nichtlinealisierten Jacobischen Gleichung mit negativ definitivem Träger.  Andres, Ján; Palát, Jindřich
95-130 To the theory of central dispersions for the linear differential equations $y''=q(t)y$ of a finite type-special.  Tesaříková, Eva
131-138 Symmetry in a certain simply perturbed Hamiltonian system.  Andres, Ján
139-147 Dynamical systems modelled by third order differential equations with special respect to the influence of the restoring term on the properties of solutions.  Andres, Ján
149-160 The method of solution of the boundary value problem applied to a certain fourth order differential equation.  Vlček, Vladimír
161-168 Method of successive approximations for a certain nonlinear third order boundary value problem.  Rusnák, Ján
169-185 On algorithms for parabolic splines.  Kobza, Jiří
187-194 Simulation of an approximate optimal decomposition in breakpoints in approximating the function $f(x)=x\sp n$ by a broken line.  Beneš, Karel
195-219 O jednom pedagogickém experimentu z konce 60.let.  Židek, Stanislav
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